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It's time for you to board the plane and head towards Spain!


It's time for you to board the plane and head towards Spain!

Well, just before boarding your flight to Spain, you're likely to have so much curiosity that you might not know what to do or not. But don't let this nerve-wracking enthusiasm stop you from making your preparations like a pro. That’s why, before you miss out on something really important, it’s time to make a checklist and give a quick peek at it. 

These are some of the most crucial things you should double-check before you board your flight to Spain.

Intermediate to advanced courses for Study in Spain
Geo-Climate for Study in Spain
Documents Required

Your Visa and passport to Spain both are really important. And, without them, you can’t visit there. That’s why it’s very crucial to have them with you all the time. So, make sure you carry them with you and place them in the nearest & most accessible belongings of yours along the entire journey. 

Your Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and Photo Identification should also be there with you before you depart to Spain. 

Before packing your bags for Spain, you must contact the Foreign Affairs & Spanish embassy of your country. Why? Because these official institutions will help you gather all the vital finance-related details of Spain. Due to this, you will be able to cut down a bit on your overall expenses to study in Spain.

It always makes you a more pro traveler when in advance you do your research about the country you are visiting for the very first time. So, figuring out what are the best  banks and credit companies in Spain should also be on your checklist.

Spain will be a completely new place for you if you haven’t been there before. In that case, it’s always better to pick some credible health insurance for you before visiting an entirely new country altogether. 

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Application process in detail

To make your dream come true, applying to a university in Spain is the foremost step you have to take. For that, you need to fill out an application for the university you are interested in studying in Spain. So, you can be accepted for entry to that university.

Here, we are going to discuss each and everything in regards to applying for universities in Spain. Following this, it will be really easy for you to apply to your desired university in Spain. 

Note: The application process for universities in Spain differs at bachelor and Postgraduate degree levels. So, we’ll be walking through all this as per their basis.

Spain student visa
Bachelor’s Degree

The following demographic statistics are from the World Population Review in 2019.[21]

A) European Students-

For people who belong to European countries, their application will be submitted through the SNUDE, the National Distance Education University of Spain. The submission, called the Request for Registration (solicitud de inscripción), will open during April. After application submission, it should be printed and mailed to the address specified on the website.

You will be required to request a copy of your visa, identification card, or school certificate with your submission. If approved, you will receive a Credential de Acceso within three months. Afterward, it should be submitted to the university you want to go to in Spain for further education. 

B) Non-European Students

If you're not a native citizen and want to do your Bachelor's degree from Europe, then you need to be certified by your high school. It has to certify that you have all the requisite qualifications aligning with requirements to Study in Spain. The recognition can be obtained at a Spanish Embassy. Then, the Embassy will supply you with a Volante Accreditation, which you can use to apply to your desired university.

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Applying at a University for Postgraduate Degrees

People who want to pursue a postgraduate degree need to directly contact the college they are interested in taking admission to. Then, they will inform you about the complete admission process. Mostly, you would need to have confirmation of your Bachelor's degree, a copy of your passport, and transcripts. 

There could be more than one enrollment cycle at the university that you wish to attend since many of the colleges have both the fall and summer semesters. It is normally best to apply the application by July of the year. Make sure you have all of your documents as well as your application submitted as soon as possible. So, you don’t get missed out on any opportunity standing at your door. 

Never forget that all of the applications and documents must be submitted in Spanish. If your information is not already in Spanish, you would need an official interpreter to translate them into Spanish.

So, these are some of the most crucial pieces of information you should look after in the very first place before processing your application to any university in Spain. It will save a lot of time and energy in advance.